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Minneapolis Tribune
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Fish and Fishing -4- Local fishermen make ice cutter - it works. State opens 9 more lakes. Ice fishing slow, but hopes mount. Spicer sportsmen rescuing Northerners. Crappie fishing shows upswing. Four local lakes open to fishing. Crap make meal or fertilizer, says natural propagation friend. 3,000 'New' fish for Forest Lake. Blair plans protection for Northern pike. 5,000 Enter White Bear fish derby. Waters closed in 19 counties. 1950 Dec 15;27;4-5 Dec 17;5S;1 Dec 17;5S;6- Dec 19;20;1-2 Dec 24;4S;2-2 Dec 30;12;2 19a51 Jan l14;4UM;1 Jan Jan Jan Feb 19; 20; 3-1 25;20;4 29;17;5 4;4S;3