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Minneapolis Tribune
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Oranizations -2- 190 Willmar editor heads State press group. Mfay 22;16;3-t Group for blind favors merger. Jun 4.;2L;3 Conn elected fifth district Legion head. Jun 4;9L;1 57 Posts to attend first district (Am. Legion)Jun 4;9L;1 meeting. Eagles install St. Cloud man as State head. Jun 5;14;l Public job oaths eyed by Legion. Jun 7;4;2 Attorney to head education group. Jun 8;5;1 Women voters to turn to singing commercials. Jun 9;14;3-4 Austin man named head of Knights Templar. Jun 9;8;6 Norse Society end 40th year. Jun 11;12L;4 600 City Shriners and wives leave tonight Jun 12;20;1- for parley.