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Minneapolis Tribune
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an and Banking -3- First Federal reopens branch bank argument. 'Queer' money is hard to spot, experts agree. First Bank pays quarterly and extra dividends Huge investment reported from small towns. Advanced series on finance set for women. Banker named to Wisconsin post. War-caused business boom sets new record in area. Federal Reserve gets 'piggy bank' with capa- city of $ 2,000,000. Door-to-door calls win bank new accounts. Two elected to board of Federal Reserve. First National names direct. S 0( .O N N N N 1950 ep 28;24;5 ct 6;23;6 ct 19;20;1 ov 2;18;1 ov 11;7;7-8 ov 13;18;1 ov 16;17; 5-' Nov 19;14L;1. Nov 22;3S;6-' Nov 22;3S;8 Nov 27;9;1