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Minneapolis Tribune
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-21- Chief justice battle rivals governor race. DFL drive just 'me-too', Dunn charges. Can pay debts, have 200 million left - King Lindley calls for more arms aid. Parties push drive to get out voters. Conservatives blocked 5 top bills, Freeman charges. Municipal liquor store rejected (Winsted). Peterson attacks state GOP record. CLU opposes Supreme Court incumbents. Mrs. Carlson wins place on ballot, Lawyers poll backs Loring. elections-Minnesotaa Oct 8;2L;3-4 Oct 8;6L;1 Oct 8;6L;2-3 Oct 10;15;1 Oct 11;8;2-4 Oct 11;8;5 Oct 11;31;7 Oct 12;7;1-3 Oct 12;21;1 Oct 12;21;1 Oct 13;12;4-