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Politics -125- 1952 GOP tariffs ┬░would ruin U..S..-Adlai - Oct 1, ll;l;6; 6-g Is Hoover running? (ed) Oct 11;4;1 Is isotationism a part of the 'New Eisenhower'i? (ed) Oct 11;4;1-3 600 Stevenson workers plan final push Oct 11;4s;5-6 Thye c1.imns credit for watchdog unit Oct ll;4s;6>-? Ike leads in tIexas, poll finds Oct 12;lG;4 Ike victory will weaken South -Adlai Oct 12;lG;5;9G1l How is Ike doing? Well-it's this way Oct 12;lG;7;9G;2-4. Brannan tour cheers payty on farm vote Oct l2;l G;l GOB-hopes to cop 3 DFL house seats Oct 12;lUM;4 -5 You'll need a scorecard to tell politicians Oct l2;lUM;7;l3UM. Rep lMcCarthy: .foes distorlstand on reds W Oct 12;5SU~I;l