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Minneapolis Tribune
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innesota State Leg.s lature -33- 1, 1 House votes study of YCC, mental health. Apr 23;19;6-i Youngdahl calls special session as money billsApr 24;1;1-3 miss deadline. Youngdahl gets ore tax study bill; bonus fund Apr 23;5;1 bill. Hospital funds deleted from building bill. Apr 24;13;6 Legislators go home after repassing 4 bills. Apr 25;1;1-2 Record of Legislature's 57th session. Apr .25;1;2 As the Legislature looks in retrospect (edit).Apr 25;6;1-2 What c be done to end jamups in LegislatureApr 25;6;4-6 The university budget and the legislature (edit pr 27;6;1- Name men who balked legislation, governor Apr 28;9;5-6 asked.