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Minneapolis Tribune
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Marriage and Family Life -1- Larson;'I want to go back to Nola'. Preserve the family? Minnesotans try to determine how. Marriage counselors save many couples. Religion forms base for happy marriage. Salvage marriages, court is told. Agents to discuss adoption problems. Courts urged for families. Students air courtship problems. Wiedemanns file new suit. Sex not first, say 'U' men. Only quads, mother remain calm. Mother sees all quads first time. Jan 5;1;1-3 Feb 17;1;1-2 Feb 18;1;1-2 Feb 20;21;1-' Feb 21;1;1-2 Feb 28;13;2-: Mar 25;9;1 Apr 12;13;1 Apr 29;23;1 May 1;17;3-5 May 5;1;2-5 May 8;13;3