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Minneapolis Tribune
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Traffic Accidents -57- Train hits car, frier killed Car climbs bridge Pict. 6 hurt as car hits snoplow Trolley hits truck, truck hits man Bus hits boy Bus refuses to take time-out, goes off-side Dec 2;10;1-5 Car collision fails to halt 4iss Santa Dec 3;1;3 dun over Dec 7;4UM;l-2 Car leaps curve, tosses passenger into living room Dec 9;1;5 Firte hurt when bus, trolley crash and the fire was alrea out Deb 10;25;7 Dec 16;7;1-3 1952 Nov 29;5;1 Nov 30;29 Nov 30;15UM;3 Nov 30;1UM;5 Dec 2;1;2