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Minneapolis Tribune
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Lawsuits -1- Pair named in suit for rent damages. House sinks, neighbor sued. Chair to sit on, not through, suit contends. Strike kidnap suits shifted to St. Paul. Couple asks court to cancel sale of house to Negro. Streetcar firm sued in mishap. Store accused of trade violation. Rail worker wins verdict over injury. Eviction rights debated on House in racial dispute. Patrol limits law cited by liquor firms. Anti-trust charge filed. 1950 May 23;17;8 May 25;21;6 May 30;9;6 Jun 3;9;2 Jun 20;13;3 Jun 23;17;5 Jun 24;22;3 Jun 28;19;8 Jun 29;23;6- Jun 30;17;6 Jul 1;20;1