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Minneapolis Tribune
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Transportation _-44 1952 Council asked to end limit on city cabs Apr 26;23;3-4 Judge Carroll finds too much transit service Ap. r 29;13;8 Fare boost granted to bus firm ay 1;18;2-3 A bicycle look at the past Pict, May 4; O-31 15-cent fare due Thursday May 7;1;3 Council may order taxi receipt signs Mlay 7;9;5 Fremont line bus lift starts May 17;16;7 Alderman urges Chicago-Fremont line extension May 20;ll;6 Council unit backs buses on Grand May 22;;4;15; Ossanna says TORT to seek new fare hike May 23;1;2;9;3- Judge asks data on trolley cuts May 23;17;6