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Minneapolis Tribune
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Fairs and Exhibitions -59- 15 Father, son show honors in swine show Sep 4;8;3-4 4-H girl bakes Swedish rolls 'like grandma used to make' Sep 4;14;1-2 Sheep breeder takes 6 of 13 first places Sep 4;14;1 Top showman winner named at state fair Sep 4;14;2 Angus cattle honors swept by S. . entries. Sep 4;14;3-5 8,800 see state fair horse show top events Sep 4;34;4-7 Youthful farmers take fair sporlight today Sep 5;1;1-2 State's exhibit at fair tests ego's strength Sep 5;5;1 MCLeod "ounty 4-H team wins fair judging Sep 5;5;3