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Minneapolis Tribune
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Economic Condition -6- Buying boom held near end. Urges self control by industry (le). Women could teach Uncle Sam some sense on groceries (le). Business activity up 13 pefi cent. The first controls (ed). Tax payers get the horse laugh (le). Twin Cities'! food prices show rise. Our greatest danger: inflation (le). City industry booming, power sales indicate. 1950 Shows only small gain sofar. Baruch asks stiff curbs on inflation. 1950 Sep 16;1;7 Sep 16;6;-2 Sep 17;15F;1 Sep 15;19;6 Sep 20;6;3 Sep 23;6;7-8 Sep 24;13L;1 Sep 30;6;7-8 Sep 30;12;1 Oct 4;24;l Oct 20;1;1