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Minneapolis Tribune
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Industry -23- Lithium firm allots $425,000 for expansion 2 firms take full control of taconite plant Plant to move part of output from city Defense work sought for small plants Moline has 25 million in arms work Arms show may bring work to area Tribal claims called key to Indian problem Fewer farm machines made, dealers told Moline will make shells in Kentucky) Firm reveals new device for offset printing Eight firms plan projects for defense 1951 Dec 28;17;1 1952 Jan 4;16;1 Jan 5;1;6 Jan 8;11;2-5 Jan S;20;3 Jan 9;5;7-8 Jan 10;14;1 Jan 10;19;6 Jan l ;19;3 Jan 13;6E;8 Jan 14;23;5