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Minneapolis Tribune
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Accidents -i- 152 Drivers tagged after crackup Jul 19;5;2 Preventable accidents kill 2 Ai nnesot farmers every 11 days Jul 20;2U1A1;3-E Explorer, 11, puts foot in it Jugl 22;13;7 M echanic pinned under car, hurt slightly Jul 2;24;7 It takes police, ciedacs, firemen to free finger Jul 2S;24;,4 Painter .hurt in fall Jul 30 29;7 cops: Aug ;11;6-S Plight have been twice as bad Aug 12 ; 12;3 Leg cut off", farmaer still driv es for aid Aug 1; l; {ouths rescue boyr, 4, adrift on Miississipi Aug 16;l;6