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S orts -22- 1952 Legion junior baseball began at Milbank, S.D. (le) Oct 19;3E;3-4 65 skating rinks planned this winter Oct 20;25;4 St.Cloud's Helgeson overcame weight, injury handicaps Oct 21;ls;l-7 Guard victim on fullback 'trap' Oct 22;s3;1-2 He thinks officials were on Gophers side (le) Oct 23;6;8 The coach's wife sees a game and suffers as much as the coach Pict. Oct 26;23 Jug to pop a cork at 21-0 Michigan win Oct 26;1;6-7 Best coach? Straiton of course; the missus Oct 28;2s;4-6 Baseball shapes new bonus rule Oct 29;sl;4-5