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Minneapolis Tribune
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Fairs and Exhibitions -44- Another state-fair .. Fair conservation to draw 500,000 Fair opens; attendance high sighted Here's your guide to the state fagr Northwest dominates fair crops awards Duke doll 3 angel foods win top honor for city women 1953 Aug 29;6;1-2 Aug 29;13;8 Aug 30;IUM;3 Aug 30;lE;2-8 Aug 30;4E;1 Aug 30;4E;2-3 Aug 30;4E;4-6 Horse show at state fair opens tonight Aug 30;2W;6 Fair attendance may hit million mark Aug 31;1;2-3 Tractors prove they're not squares at square dancing Aug 31;7;1-2 Waterville man awarded corn sweepstakes Aug 31;7;1-2 *