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Minneapolis Tribune
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Drownin 5s : ^.. : . ..= 7 . . t l95,2 , Police se-ek i~entitvT 6' man found in river 1'?ov 6r;32;2 Sis ter ? entifies body found in river G4ov ,X;9-, ;5 1953 Tot drowns in M innehaha Creek; mother finds fire men with sons body Apr 14.;1;2-4 St. Paul man falls into ,lake, drowns Apr 21;1;5 2 drown 4'ishin and boating Y ay 17;1UIM;l Girl drowns as twin tries to save her M ay 15;1;6 2 fis hermen drown, one saves self MTay 25;1;7 Osseo ".Touth, 16, swept from raf't in Mississippi