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Minneapolis Tribune
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Politics -35- 1952 Mrs. . LeSue~zr to lead state -progressive~s Jun 14,; 23; 5 McGranery aids quit under fire Jun 15;1G;1 No political deal s, Ike asserts; Taft works on key dele- gates; aids sĀ°eek to 'put out fires' let by rival Jun 15;1G;3;8;4;2; 14;2-"3 Burnquist files for re-election Jun 15;3M;2 To win in 1952 (ed) Jun 15;2E"1 At least VWF' tries to keep the word intact (le Jun 15;3E;2 Kefauverism; plan to put anteurs into power (le) I Jun 15;3E;1-2