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Minneapolis Tribune
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plblitar --29- Marines offer 3 college plans. Feb Abolish all recruiting officers?(le). Feb Seven squadrons to be added to Air Guard ing.Feb Grim finds flu but no deaths in tents at Feb Lackland. Democracy carries a very high price (le). Feb Wounded GI's flown to Lackland. Feb Fly-boys train by marching. Feb Getting airforce job not just matter of choiceFeb trainee finds. 325 GI families suffer due to low allowances. Feb 47th's work at Thicker wins praise. Feb Lawyer says State recruits are in Jim Feb crow units. V 18;3UM; 1 18;3E;5 19;15;3 19;21;2-= 20 ;4;4 20;11;1 21;17;1- 22;13;1-: 22;18; 5-E 23;9;2-3 23;9;2-3