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Minneapolis Tribune
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Elctions- Mnnesota - -- 1 2 Minnesota congress seats held 'doubtful'. Aug 7;17;1 Youngdah is on defensive, Harry Peterson Aug 7;17;3-4 asserts. Nelsea lauds State pay-as-you-go policy. Aug S;7;2 GOP strangling unions - Freeman. Aug 8;7;7 Youngdahl: honest rule at stake in elections.Aug S;2S;1-5 Nes political game: Peterson, Peterson where Aug 9;17;1-2 is Peterson. CI0 withdraws its bakcing of Mrs. Killen. Aug 10;13;1 Peterson asks to have title put on ballot. Aug 10;J4 .;1 Wasted funds aid ennemies, Bjornson says. Aug 10;29;4- One Peterson quits; three left in race. Aug 124 ;3-4