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Minneapolis Tribune
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University of Minnesota-Faculty -2- 1950 Heart group elects Visscher. Jun 25;4L;2 'U' professor denies signing Red petition. Jul 1;9;3-4 Miller, 'U' expert, gets ECA post. Jul 15;2;4 'U' dean to speak at Church Institute. Jul 17;12;1 Probers call 'U' scientist named as spy. Aug 2;11;8 Tulane doctor gets post at 'U'. Aug 3;15;7 'U' professor gets post in Florida. Aug 9;8;1 'U' educators to aid Bolivia, Peru schools. Aug 12;3;4 3 'U' scientists backed for posts on U.S.BoardAug 18;13;3-i Diehl to advise on atom defense. Sep 2;3;3 Two join 'U' music faculty. Sep 3;5F;1 'U' professor barred from speakers' list; Sep 6;5;1-2 denies link to Reds. *