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Minneapolis Tribune
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Minneapolis Bmzlovees and Officials 19 Tribute to unpaid public officials (le). Apr 22;3E;2 ;PO opening filled by mayor. May 3;8;2 Leek ii the FEPC (ed). May 5;6;3 Woman named acting city clerk. May 12;9;4 Police station gets new captain. Jun 17;UM;3 Jones stays on the job (ed). Jul 3;4;1-3 They gave 57 years (ed). Jul 10;4;3 Policeman promoted to lieutenant. Jul 21;12;7 2 Promotions announced for police force. Aug 16;13;8 Police lieutenant gets new post. Aug 30;16;5 School health head resigns. Sep 10;27;8 Brandt named ait to mayor. Sep 14;32;6