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Minneapolis Tribune
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Speeches and S5moosia -3- 1950 Mrs. F.D.R. to talk aaSt. Olaf. Sep 27;28;5 Adult education needs outlined. Sep 28;11;1 Worthington hears Kline, Humphrey. Sep 28;32;3 PTA official denounces radio crime programs. Oct 18;8;2 'Creeping mobilization' imperils nation. Oct 20;8;2-5 Women power for good or evil, says 'U' speakeEOct 20;17;7 Maritain to talk at St. Thomas. Oct 23;21;6 Gen. Fleming to speak here. Oct 23;31;5 !You can tell a city by its dog pound'. Oct 26;5;5-6 Hungary emigre to speak at 'U'. Oct 30;18;1 Maritain to give first lecture today. Nov 13;17;3 Maritain calls one human - image of God - Nov 14;5;1-8 worth more than cosmos.