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Minneapolis Tribune
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Nb-lilt ejur -40- X951 Gen. Miller to depart for new job. May 12;9;1 Parents to get son's medal. May l6;16;l 3 State GI's to attend general on City visit. May 16;23;7- Why don't we thin the boys at home? (le). May 18;6;6 Twin Cities help to honor armed forces. May 20;lUM;6 Warrant officer vets sought. May 20;l2UM;] One in three rejected (ed). May 21;6;3 Draft rejects only one in 5 in Minnesota. May 22;14;1 23 State GI's return home from Korea. May 26;3;3 Foreign studentsat a disadvantage (le). May 31;4;6 34. Years a marine, Gen. Riley to retire. Jun 2;11;1 Air control unit gets new duty. Jun 2;12;3