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Minneapolis Tribune
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Missing Persons -2- 1950 St. Paul couple's ship missing; hunt under w Sep 19;15;-' Detroit Lakes area combed for missing boy and Sep 21;1;4-5 girl, Missing boy, girl found in lumber camp. Sep 22;19;3 Dad watches grid game for missing son. Sep 23;13;4. Body in woods identified as that of missing Sep 24;14G;1 Iowan. Brainderd jury identifies body of Iowa man. Sep 26;13;6 City couple on schooner found safe. Sep 28;11;1 Police seek City girl, 17. Sep 28;32;7 Lost since Sunday, dads, boys found. Oct 10;1;4 Missing girl sought in City. Oct 10;11;4 Youth sought in City as miss' heir. Oct 11;19;3