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Minneapolis Tribune
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Labor and Unions -95- Union rejects pay hike offer of breweries NLEB to hold union vote at John W. Thomas CIO director shifted to Chicago Firms to study carpenters' proposals Teamsters sign contract with oil companies Unions begin court test of school contracts Group to stay in AFL if dock union splits Packinghouse union collision ahead for CIO Union label show was big success GOP women bac moves to limit treaties AFL-DFL fight looming over endorsements May 20;13;5 May 20;15;6 May 21;5;3 May 22;17;2 May 239 ; 4 May 23;10;1-2 May 23;10;3 May 24;16UM;1 May 24;3E;2 May 25;18;3-4 May 25;23;1